Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment

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New Clinical Trial Open to Those Who Suffer From Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain

We understand that when you are in such desperate pain, anything might sound good when it promises relief. If you have tried the traditional or medical ‘drugs-and-surgery’ approach to treating your TN and it has not been satisfactory for relieving your pain, our clinical trial offers an opportunity to consider a noninvasive, non-drug, painless-by-comparison alternative.

Our treatment approach is a natural approach that is designed to be both functional and comprehensive. First, we work to address the functional cause to relieve trigeminal nerve pain. Secondly, we view the problem comprehensibly and work to address the health of the whole body, since the health of the whole body is linked to healing the TN condition.

Dr. Patrick’s Breakthrough Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Using our nontraditional perspective, we begin by knowing that any nerve pain is a pain of irritation or inflammation. Logic indicates that once the irritation or interference in the nerve pathway is removed, it increases the likelihood that the nerve pain will go away. Our method improves the chances of getting to the cause of TN, and offers a different method than numbing the nerves (and other parts of yourself) with medication or cutting the nerves with surgery.

The trigeminal nerve is one of 12 pairs of cranial nerves that branch out on either side of your face. The trigeminal nerve (Cranial Nerve V) is responsible for your ability to feel many of your facial sensations.

We use a comprehensive 3-prong approach to our treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

1. Neurological Component

               With Trigeminal Neuralgia, the trigeminal nerve becomes highly sensitive to even the faintest of stimuli. We use two neurological approaches to reduce trigeminal nerve sensitivity and restore function.

First, we work to desensitize the nerve through reflex testing to determine if a nerve is compressed. Then, we stimulate ‘or reopen’ the neurological pathways to the cranial nerves. By working to remove what is irritating the nerve, we may be able to reduce the pain. 

To understand how this part of our treatment approach might work, think of wiring an electrical junction box. When the wires are crossed or impinged, it interferes with the current that creates the pathway for electricity. To fix the problem and restore the electricity, the wires in the junction box needs to be rewired or ‘rebooted’ to remove whatever is interfering with the smooth current of impulses to the electrical source.

Our brain is like the junction box. The nerves are the wires that carry electrical impulses, sending messages to all the parts of the body. The sensation of pain, for example, is your brain at work sending a message along the nerve lines that tell you ‘ouch’.

Dr. Patrick’s TN treatment unscrambles the nerve patterns ‘whose wires have become crossed’ and ‘ reboots' the brain to send a different message to the brain that says, “I am no longer in pain”.  The fundamental goal for the neurological  portion of Dr. Patrick’s TN treatment is to remove the interference.

Sensitivity to stimuli may be reduced by liberating the pathways through gentle or energetic pressure (not directly on the Trigeminal Nerve) in the neck, behind the ear and in other places on the body that interconnect, either directly or indirectly with the Trigeminal nerve. This works to restore or normalize the nerve‘s pathways so they are no longer as hyperactive.

Unresolved health conditions like TN may persist because your brain - for a variety of reasons - is unable to accurately identify and correct the underlying causes of the problem(s). The purpose of Dr. Patrick’s treatment is to restore the brain’s ability to identify the stressor(s) by contacting neurovascular reflex points in the cranium and upper body with gentle stimulation to the nerves. Once the brain is able to recognize the stressor(s), it starts to work with - not against - the autonomic nervous system to correct the dysfunction, providing a natural solution to your TN symptoms.  With this approach, we treat the person as a whole, not the ‘dis-ease’ in one part of the body.

2. Functional Physiology

               Next, we view Trigeminal Neuralgia as an inflammatory process whereby some of the nerve pain may be caused by pressure or swelling from inflammation of the blood vessels, or the nerves themselves. Inflammation can create pressure on any one of our nerves in our bodies causing pain, which could be a causal part of TN pain. If you have ever had sciatica, you  already know this from experience. Thus, we look at what could be causing the inflammation of the Trigeminal Nerve and how to reduce it.  

One functional cause of inflammation may come as a surprise – it’s your ability to digest your food. For example, a deficiency in certain types of nutrients can cause blood vessel inflammation.

In a healthy body, when your body is able to digest its food properly, trillions of cells receive the nutrients they need to do their daily work. Because there is a direct connection between inflammation and a compromised ability to digest your food, we take a comprehensive look at how you absorb, digest, and eliminate your body’s daily fuel. Toward that end, we offer metabolic testing to determine how well you process your nutrients.

 With our testing, we are also able to look for hidden infections, bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins, and allergies. These conditions may contribute to the body’s inflammatory or irritating burden and when left untreated are the beginnings of degenerative processes that stress our bodies without us even knowing it.

Our testing also provides an assessment of the autonomic nervous system to determine if you are sympathetic or parasympathetic dominate. This is important because nerve pain, such as TN,  is almost always an indicator that a ‘stressor’ is present, which needs to be corrected. Once our testing has identified what requires correction, we provide professional herbal supplements as needed to support rebalancing and reducing the stress on your nervous system.

For more in-depth information about the connection between your nervous system and how it relates to Trigeminal Neuralgia, please continue reading more about your Nervous System and Trigeminal Neuralgia.

3. Structural Component 

Finally, the third part of our 3-prong approach is to look at the structural components of the problem. Naturally, the trigeminal nerve is mixed together with our facial bones, muscles and tissues. Your nervous system may be impinged by spinal pressure or compression anywhere along the spinal cord. Treatments may include gentle manipulation or specific adjustments to remove the interference that may be part of the cause for some of the Trigeminal Nerve irritation.

Summary of Dr. Patrick’s 3-Prong Approach to the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Each side of our triangular multi-disciplinary approach – neurological, physiological and structural - could lead us to the cause(s) of the inflammation or irritation in the trigeminal nerve. Our approach allows us to access all the body’s systems – nervous, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic and more – as well their associated organs to assist with relieving the biochemical stressors that may be traveling within the body and contributing to the Trigeminal Neuralgia condition.

Dr. Patrick’s comprehensive look at the body’s ability to function on so many levels provides additional benefits to his patients. Many patients have reported that his wide-ranging treatments go beyond the relief of the original condition, and as a result, they end up feeling healthier all the way around.

Using a computer analogy, think of Dr. Patrick’s work as a “systems engineer”. He ‘reboots the body' to bring the systems back ‘online’ to optimize and restore the critical neurological connections between the brain, the nervous system, and organs so they work together better.

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