Our Patient Policies and TN Treatment Fees

After your consultation, if you decide to proceed with our intensive daily 5-day  treatment program with Dr. Patrick, all of your in-person appointments need to be made in advance. Because we reserve a significant amount of Dr. Patrick’s available time weekly to treat you, we ask for a 1-week advance notice to cancel your appointments. Any notice that is less than one week, you will forfeit the initial payment of $2,000.00.

Our Trigeminal Neuralgia treatment is in the clinical trial phase. For that reason we are offering a qualified money back guarantee.

Our Trigeminal Neuralgia treatment fee is $3,500 divided as follows:

  • An initial payment of $2,000 is due at the time you make the first calendar appointment. 
  • Payment is due in full ($1,500) at the time of your first in-patient office visit with Dr. Patrick. This fee covers 6  follow-up telephone appointments, additional in-patient appointments (if that is deemed necessary), and supplements for a 3-month period at no additional charge.

Our Trigeminal Neuralgia treatments are considered “investigational” or “experimental” and as such are not covered by insurance. We accept payments in the form of debit, checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover or a money order. We will deposit the non-refundable $2,000 initial payment that you give to us in advance, and your $1,500 treatment fee  on the day you arrive. 

At the end of your treatments, we expect you to feel significantly better. While pain assessment is subjective, we trust that you will be honest in giving us an accurate portrayal of your improvement after treatment by asking you to fill out the same Trigeminal Neuralgia questionnaire that you filled out before your first visit. This will help you and us compare and access your TN symptom improvements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Since the goal is to work toward being TN pain-free, the money back guarantee will last for as long as you are in the initial treatment period of 3 months. Your first in-person office visit will mark the beginning of the 3 month period. We will provide up to 6 free 15-minute telephone consultations to check in with you, or additional in-patient visits at no additional charge. If we use any supplements as part of your treatment, we will also provide those free of charge for the initial 3-month period.

Naturally, we have no control over what happens after your treatment, but to support your ongoing desires of remaining TN pain-free, we offer a self-care program tailored to your needs. Following Dr. Patrick’s guidelines may be necessary if you want sustainable results. Our home care guidelines may also help reduce anxiety about any future bouts of pain since you are in control of how you manage your at home Trigeminal Neuralgia treatments. 

A Timeline of Steps

We have provided a printable timeline detailing the 6 steps, and the corresponding time and fees involved in becoming a part of Dr. Patrick’s Comprehensive Trigeminal Neuralgia Clinical Trial Program. Below is what the timeline looks like.

If you have any questions about our Trigeminal Neuralgia treatment fees or policies, please feel free to contact us at 530-899-8741.

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