Do You Qualify?

There are several clinical requirements before Dr. Patrick will treat you for Trigeminal Neuralgia. Since our goal is your goal - to find relief for your TN pain - these qualifications have been selected to provide the best possible outcome for your healing and our success.

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To be considered patients, you must be: 

  • Non-smoking
  • Not use alcohol excessively (No more than 1-2 drinks twice  per week)
  • Not be diabetic
  • Not have pacemakers or other internal electrical devices

In addition, your state of physical and mental health will be a determining factor as well. Lifestyle factors such as: the quality and amount of your sleep, adequate nutrition, frequency of exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and positive attitude will all play a role in your results. The strong, researched correlation between the mind/body’s ability to heal and the patient’s state of health is vital to success.  We will consider these factors as well. 

Finally, a good doctor-patient relationship is founded on honest communication. Since we have no way of verifying your qualifications, we give you our trust that you will be honest with yourself, as well as with us before you sign up for your TN treatment. 

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